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This is a dance which unveils the tribal occupation of the Orang Ulu people. The male dancers hold a dibbling stick used in the planting of padi in the highlands. Superstitions and omens play a sisgnificant role in their lives. To avoid encountering any ill omen through hearing the call of certain birds, the planters dance to the beat of the sound drummed out from the kerebo bulo or bamboo slats.

The music so created is meant also to infuse and inspire the soul or spirit of the padi seeds so as to ensure their growth and a successful harvest. The rattan bags and the colourful sunhats used in this dance also reflect the activities of the Orang Ulu ladies in the evening after a hard days' work in the field, i.e. the making of handicrafts such as weaving rattan mats, sunhats bags and colourful beadwork.

 (Source: Tourism Division, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Sarawak)